Do you Sometimes Need Repairs?
S-N-R Guelph will be there!

At SNR Guelph, we understand that you need technology.

You understand that your technology will Sometimes Need Repairs.

Whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet, old-fashioned computer tower, or any other piece of modern technology, we strive to provide a comfortable experience when your technology feels more like trash than treasure.

So compute in comfort at SNR Guelph Cellphone and Computer Repair.  We all Sometimes Need Repairs, so SNR Guelph is there!

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smartphones cellphones smart cell phone iPhone Android

If you’ve owned one of today’s fancy phones for more than 3 minutes, you know they Sometimes Need Repairs.

Whether you have an Apple iPhone that looks like more like a rotten iSore, or a Samsung Galaxy you’d like to hurl into outer space, we can help.  Broken screens, weak batteries batteries, faulty cameras:  We fix all of this and much more.

We’ll even help you out if you’re still rocking an old flip phone!

Do you have broken phones you don’t need?  Your trash may be our treasure!  Stop by for a free assessment, and you may walk away with some treasure of your own.

Laptopslaptop laptops notebook notebooks MacBook macbooks pro air

Laptops are still necessary tools for most of us.  But just like our smartphones, they Sometimes Need Repairs.

Whether your screen is shattered, you’re being violated by a virus, or your hard drive is hardly driving, we can diagnose, assess and repair most any problem.  If your laptop is trashed beyond the cost of a reasonable repair, we’ll be happy to discuss giving you some treasure for it.

DesktopsPC mac apple computer tower desktop

Desktop computer towers are still the best for serious computer work, but even they Sometimes Need Repairs.

High-end custom gaming rigs, tricky all-in-one systems, or just old-fashion PC desktop box towers:  We can help when you need repairs or upgrades!  Whether you need more RAM to run, more graphics power for game play, or want to spoil yourself with a Solid State Drive (SSD), we can make your computer a smoother and more comfortable experience.

And if you have any broken Windows or a rotten Apples that need a little TLC, bring them down to SNR, where your trash may be our treasure.


tablet ipad tablets ipads androidTablets are quite terrific, but even they Sometimes Need Repairs.

Truth be told, most tablets aren’t worth fixing, as it is often the same price or cheaper to buy a used replacement.  The only regular exception to this is Apple’s iPads, which we can fix for you.

But if you have a troublesome tablet and want to know if a repair is worth your dime, come down to SNR Guelph any time!

Android BoxesAndroid box boxes IPTV IP TV Kodi

Have you cut the cable and jumped ship to an Android Box?  Are you interested in what Android Boxes have to offer?  We can help!

Were always thinking green here at SNR Guelph and we want to help the environment by recycling old electronic parts that no longer have any use. Click here for more info on all the things we recycle.

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