Tablet Repairs

broken busted shattered glass screen lcd led tablet tablets apple mac iPad Androidguelph cambridge kitchener waterloo fergus elora ontario repair fix cell smart phone cellphone smartphone computer pc laptop tower apple microsoft mac sony toshiba lenovo hp acer dell asus samsung htc motorola nokia windows blackberry black berry barry iphone galaxy note macbook air iphone ipod ipad tablet tablets broken screen crack cracked data recovery virus malware clean cleaning remove removal back-up back up free quote quotes assessments android box boxes internet tv televisionThe sad truth is that broken tablets are often cheaper to replace than to repair.  We can advise you as to whether your tablet can be repaired at a reasonable cost, or where to find a similar replacement. Are there pictures or other important personal data trapped in your broken tablet?  We can perform data recovery to try and save your precious things! Before you trash your troublesome tablet bring it by SNR Guelph for a free assessment!